What is the difference between classic and volume lash extensions?

Classic lash extensions are applied in a 1-1 ratio (a single extension to a single natural lash). 

Volume lash extensions are ultra fine and applied in a fan. 3-5 of the ultra fine extensions to a single natural lash. 

How long does it take to master classic lash extensions?

You’ll love least a couple of years. This trade takes a long time to “master” for most. Improvement is gradual and you MUST be patient with yourself. If you apply yourself and stay focused, you’ll be “good” or even “pretty good” from around the time you put six months into it until mastery. Everyone struggles with different things. I promise to do whatever I can to help you overcome these obstacles. 

Can I learn lashes by watching YouTube videos?

NO! NO! Did I say “NO”? I’ve found that many (not all) “Lash Artists” who post training videos or tutorials have NO idea what they’re doing. I’ve seen unsanitary practices along with poor application processes. DO NOT LEARN ONLINE!

How do I know when I’m ready to start doing volume lashes?

Mastery of classic lash extensions MUST be achieved prior to giving volume lashes a shot. You’ll find it’s much easier to learn after practicing classic for some time. There are many Lash Artists that tackle volume lash application much too early in their practice and end up applying them improperly. 

What do I do if a client has a reaction to the adhesive?

Recommend they consult a physician. Diagnosis of a condition or recommendation of treatment is beyond your scope of practice. 

How can I get certified?

First, let’s be clear- just because there’s a piece of paper that says you’ve completed (and paid out your butt for) a lash training course, doesn’t mean you’re ready to charge professional prices. It took me a long time to issue an actual “certificate” because I’ve seen a lot of disappointing output from people who take weekend courses. It's nowhere near enough training. 

Second, this ”certification” course is strict, thorough and will be issued only when your instructor feels you’re ready to serve the public. This translates to specific criteria that will be discussed upon your initial contact about the program. 

Lastly, your success means my success. I want you to be a great Lash Artist. Not just mediocre where you struggle to retain clients. 



Are there any prerequisites needed for this course?

You must hold a cosmetology or aesthetics license to take this course. 

If I have questions after certification, can I reach out to LashRite?

OF COURSE, DUH! That’s part of the LashRite advantage 💁🏻‍♀️ I’d love to help!

Do I have to use magnification to do lashes?

YES! This is not an option. You’ll get used to it, I promise. 

I went through lash training somewhere else; can I get a refresher course?

For sure! There’s a course option for that in “Training Courses” (see menu). 

When can I start?