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Sydney A. - Lash Tech ❤️ - feb '19

”My expirence with LashRite was the best in my opinion! She gave me everything I could need to start lashing and the one on one lesson is so much more helpful for me then one on a few people! Not only is she so great with teaching you the basics and aside from the super affordable pricing, she genuinely cares about you and is on your side with starting your lash journey! I may be biased but she’s one of the best I have ever seen and I can guarantee you will be completely satisfied with choosing LashRite! You’re amazing Katie! I really couldn’t have continued this journey without you!”

Lori K. - Lash Artist - Feb ‘19

Katie is an excellent teacher with a lot of enthusiasm and gives of her time and knowledge willingly.  Katie is easy going, calm, and very patient which makes learning eyelashes easy and fun.  She really cares about her student’s progress and is willing to help however she can.  Katie is super knowledgeable when it comes to lash extensions and her application is clean and neat.  I would highly recommend hiring Katie as your eyelash instructor.  

Melanie A. - Lash Artist - Feb '19

Katie trained me for eyelash extension application approximately 18 months ago.  I was a complete newbie to the eyelash world.  She set me up with a starter kit (basically everything I needed), educated me on the different lash lengths and styles, glue, tools, etc.  Our training was over the course of several appointments at which time Katie was very detailed and professional.  I learned how to tape, prime, attach, remove, and separate lashes. However, my interaction with Katie did not end there.  To this date, she is always there to answer a question, provide a tip or even assess one of my clients to see how I am doing.  Katie was extremely detailed, patient and encouraging.  Not only do I feel like I was trained by the best, but I also gained a friend in the process.  I am very grateful for her support and I am successful because of Katie’s training.