Why LashRite?


Effective 1-on-1 Training

A great way to learn something new is to have a personal mentor.  Need not be afraid to ask questions you may be timid to ask in front of a group of people in a class.  This course is tailored to YOU and YOUR learning style. 



This industry can be quite rewarding.  by developing interpersonal skills associated with this line of work, your clients will feel more confident in your ability and in turn, lead to your success. 



No need to spend $1500+ on a classroom style lash training course.  You’ll be closer to profitability in half the time with more skills and confidence with this price tag.  Plus, you’ll have direct access to your instructor even after training is complete. 

Check out this great video where I blink way too much and barely get through it 🤣👍🏼

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